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Swedish crime writer henning mankell dies at 92

Swedish crime writer henning mankell dies at 92. Sweden’s first crime writer died at home on Sunday. He was 91. Henning Mankell’s brother-in-law, Dagur Mankell, said his brother-in-law, who had been ill for two years, died suddenly on Sunday morning. In an apparent suicide, the two men took a boat to the port of Malmö and waited there for hours.

“In a few hours, my brother-in-law fell ill and died,” Mankell told TT in Stockholm. Henning died three hours before his brother-in-law, but he was still alive여주출장안마 by the time his brother-in-law passed away. It is not clear whether Henning was the father of his brother-in-law.

On the day when he died, Henning worked as a journalist and a teacher. His stories went international, becoming widely published in Swedish newspapers and on TV and 제주안마 제주출장안마radio. At the time he was an acclaimed writer, with countless books, short stories and short stories about everything from animals to religion. His work was described as “brilliant.” At the end of his life, he told friends, he would enjoy writing for himself and for the country.

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