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E timor swears in new president

E timor swears in new president

Okinawa (AFP) – Japan’s President Shinzo Abe called Wednesday for Japan to accept the idea of the creation of a separate North Korean province to protect its identity after North Korea warned it was willing to launch a preemptive nuclear strike at the United States or Japan.

The North told its key ally in the region not to take sides over the issue.

The North Korean leader vowed to wipe out the United States, its ally South Korea, and South Korea’s arch-e용인출장마사지nemy Japan, according to Japan’s Asahi newspaper, which quoted Abe as saying “Japan must accept” the idea of a “North-North friendly system”.

But a government source told AFP the government in Tokyo 양산안마would not be willing to consider the i바카라 게임dea of a “North-North friendly” system, adding a similar government proposal was being considered by the UN Security Council at the weekend.

The South Korean government, which recently asked the United Nations to take action against its neighbor, has also warned the United States of retaliation for the latest threats against Seoul and Washington.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks during a news conference after talks with his Norwegian counterpart to discuss the Korean crisis at the prime minister’s residence, in Tokyo November 13, 2014. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

But Japan, which holds the rotating presidency of the UN, has always defended its own status as the sole superpower, and remains an important ally of Washington.

The new prime minister, Nobuteru Takahashi, also announced new investment projects in the area and proposed a ban on North Korean food imports.

“The North (continues) to raise the tensions with the South Korea by continuing to carry out nuclear threats and threatening our security,” he said.

Earlier this month, North Korea said it would start deploying a long-range missile system that is able to hit the capital from waters far from its eastern coastline.

North Korea’s Unification Ministry said its scientists had developed a range of “highly advanced ballistic missile units”, but the move was seen as a warning to Washington, but was rejected by the United States, which has the most advanced missile defence system in the world.