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W league semi finals preview and also spoke to the manager for The Sky Blues in his time with the club

W league semi finals pr룰렛eview and also spoke to the manager for The Sky Blues in his time with the club.

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How’s the season gone?

We’re pretty pleased with the way things have gone. We’re back in the play-off places and I think you’re going to see some very exciting games over the course of the season.

So you were hoping for something different?

Of course I was! I would like to have the club in a top six position for a long time.

What is the most you thought you could achieve from one season of your life?

I have had more than any season I’ve been at a club. To have the time and the motivation to work at that level at Liverpool was just phenomenal.

When I had the chance to come here after I was called up by Brendan Rodgers I 온라인 카지노said to him ‘I don’t believe the club have got that potential and the fans think they do…’

I believe in the lads. They think we deserve to be there. In all my time at the club I always said that we all had to do something different for ourselves this year. We’ll put that to the test this season.

In how many games have you been fit?

Seven. We went into pre-season with a lot of players fit and available, which is fantastic and I’m very pleased with the group. We’ll do our best in pre-season and really try and perform in the competitions.

H호 게임ow have you been spending your time off the pitch?

I spent two and a half years in Holland with my family. They really helped me through this time and I want to see where I can take it.

Did you speak to the manager about coming back to the country?

In January I spoke to Brendan Rodgers a few weeks ago and he was very happy and he was looking forward to seeing me and just being around me. I’m very excited to make the step to the country and play football there.

Have you taken all your time off yet?

No. I have six years of playing at Liverpool.

What are your plans for 2017/18?

In terms of 2017/18 I’m focused on the first half of the season here at Liverpool. We’ll have to take that run and try to go to the en