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Blasts kill at least 22 in egypt

Blasts kill at least 22 in egypt

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – At least 22 people were killed in rocket attacks on a cCDC 철도청 카지노hurch and a school in Sudan’s west on로투스 홀짝 Monday, state TV said, calling for an emergency meeting of all Sudanese military chiefs.

The attack in the city of Tuduka in Sibai province, which killed 26 people, followed deadly battles between Islamic State militants and troops loyal to President Omar al-Bashir.

Sudanese state news agency SANA reported 24 of the dead could be civilians but there was little information on the age, gender or nationality of those killed.

Sudan and its Gulf Arab neighbours have been wracked by violence since the overthrow of their long-time leader and leader of an African Union peacekeeping force in September.

“Beware the threat of rocket attacks: it could be the beginning of a new age,” news anchor Ahmed Ibrahim said on the state television channel on Monday, warning that the country was at risk of an escalation.

President Omar al-Bashir, backed by the army and allied militias, had been in an African Union peacekeeping mission for weeks.

In late January 2014, al-Bashir’s forces shelled the capital Juba as he looked to bolster his position and win votes ahead of a national election in April.

The attacks, which came on the second anniversary of the ousting of his predecessor, sparked international outrage and led to the resignation of his deputy, a senior army officer in Khartoum.

In a video released earlier this month, al-Bashir is seen as a powerful strongman who is looking to win votes against his political rivals.

Two weeks ago, an attack outside the U.N. headquarters in Urumqi, eastern China, left one person dead and seven wounded. On Aug. 31, rockets struck a bus carrying a U.S. aid group from Sudan in the eastern city of Zinjibar.

Both were claimed by Islamic State.

One of the two attacks on the U.N. compound in Khartoum on Sunday killed nine people, including a U.S. 김해출장샵official.