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Roosters pair charged with assault after violent clash

Roosters pair charged with assault after violent clash

PALAWATNA: An aggressive man took matters into his own hands when he attacked a teenage girl, killing her and her sister and injuring three others on Monday evening.

The incident took place in Gwalior around 9.우리카지노30pm. The victim and her sister were returning home alone. The group then started arguing with the driver of a vehicle.

Police recovered knives, four handguns and other illegal drugs from the바카라사이트 accused man, who was arrested soon after the incident.

The accused took the victim’s sister and sister in-law and their 10-year-old nephews to his house, where they were then assaulted.

The accused then dragged the accused and his sister and his nephews tgospelhitzo a nearby waterhole, where the woman was assaulted again.

On Monday, officers were dispatched to report to police station Gwalior due to the death.

Police arrested the accused and sent him to the district administration prison in Nellore.